Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nyonya Spicy Cucumber Salad

As a Malaysian 'Peranakan' family whose dad can only speak 2 words of Chinese in Hokkien dialect which are "Ho" (Good) and "Chiak" (Eat), we have always loved our food spicy, even with salads! This is one of my family's many, many favorite salad dishes that my mom used to make. It never fails to whet the appetite and it is very easy to do.

2 cucumbers
2-3 fresh red chilies
A few small slices of fried, boneless salted fish
3-4 shallots
juice of 1 small lime (limau kasturi)

Cut the cucumber in half, length-wise. Discard the inside 'stomach' (well, you know what I mean:), then slice. Pound/grind the chilies, shallots and fried salted fish together. Mix in and stir with the cucumber, add lime juice and stir. Keep in container with lid, and chill for 1 hour or so before serving.


  1. Hello, thanks for dropping by my blog. Now I can learn Nyonya dishes from you. Nice!

  2. hmm intresting variation...

    as what i know on the sambal timun it uses sambal balachan and dried prawns... and the old recipe there wld be boiled sliced chicken gizzards...sliced shallots...i know some families would add boiled sliced pork skin :)