Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Lies Beneath?!

Bring on the rabbits!

I was swept by joy!! Think my neighbors could hear my excited scream last Sunday evening!

My first carrots!! Yipppeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

3 carrots in total from 1 plant I finally, finally had the heart to pull out!

I picked the plant that didn't flower as the flower is too pretty to be sacrificed (see my below post). I'm quite surprised (and extremely elated!) to see 3 carrots from a single plant. But based on what I have read and saw on 'planting your own veggies' sites and blogs, there is normally 1 carrot to each plant. Mine has got 2 small carrots (more like stunted carrots due to heavy clay soil which impedes full development) and 1 longer and larger one. Hmm...somewhere along the process, it must have mutated into 3! Not sure how this happened but I'm not complaining. I didn't expect my first time growing carrots to be a success.

Destined for the stew pot this weekend!

Now, I can't wait to dig out the rest for my sisters when they comeover soon.

If you don't have any ground areas, I read that growing carrots in pots work so much better as you can choose the type of soil, which has to be light, rich in compost and free of pebbles/stones.


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  1. Jos, you really did make good use of the land! So happy for you. Are you sure you want to feed that to rabbits? hahaha..... Show me what else you have there in your garden! OK! Have a great day!

  2. Wow! You actually grew carrots!
    I didn't know that carrots can be grown in pots! Now you've got me interested in trying. How do you actually grow them? From cuttings or seeds?

  3. WOW! That's awesome!! Are you going to open another blog about gardening? ;DD

  4. Now I can't wait for my carrots to grow! Beautiful, absolutely stunning, geram-nya! Someone special is smiling from up there, you know who!

  5. My heart feel with envy (in a good way), I never seemed to manage having a good size carrots :(

    Really? Please don't say that ... I am battling with wild rabbits now days, some dear too, luckily the dear are too big to go in between the bars in the gate. The rabbits population seem triple this year. I loose so many plants, even if this creature see me, they don't seem afraid of me. I need a shot gun for real!

    Congratulation to you :)

  6. hi MLS, my backyard was very 'semak' when I just moved in so you can imagine how much efforts I put in even after getting some helpers to clear the 'lalangs'. Will share more on my garden if my other plants grow well :).

    hi busygran, yes you can grow carrots in pots & they'll turn out possibly nicer than mine in this pic. i planted from seeds. next try I want to plant some in pots too.

    hi anncoo, too lazy to start another blog, will just occasionally ride on this recipe blog :)

    hi kitchen flavours, yes we know who is smiling from up in heavens. i think she has helped me in my garden! :)

    hi elra, you are so funny! i was only joking abt the rabbits but now that you mentioned that they give you a lot of problems, hmmm...then my joke isn't that funny after all :). here, we got no rabbit problems so that's why i can joke abt it. if we want rabbits, we have to purchase from a pet shop! no deers too. we have snakes which is quite scary! i bet you live near to a country side to have deers and rabbits? must be such a wonderful experience! ohhh...don't shoot them, poor thing ;). just build strong fences for your garden.

  7. I love checking in on your garden! That is some carrot even has a bonus! I remember when you posted about your dofg friend digging up your plants! Hehe!

  8. Bring on the rabbits...!!Are you sure;)?? I've got 4 here and they are all going to scream and jump for joy and you would be one annoyed person ;)!

  9. This is awesome!! I wish I had a garden!

  10. ha .. ha ... ha .... got you, huh. Please don't feel bad ! did I type dear instead of deer?

    I do have very strong and high fence, but that little rabbits can squeeze in apparently.

    Anyway, please don't feel bad.

  11. Congrats to your harvest Jos! So nice of you to share with your sisters. :) envy envy!

  12. Aha, I will scream like you too if this happend to me. :)
    Well done!

  13. Carrots are growing in tropical weather???
    Wow, ur fingers are really green!!!

  14. I am so envious of your home-grown carrots!

  15. How exciting! I bet they taste even sweeter knowing that they came out of your own garden.
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead daaaaaahling.
    *kisses* HH

  16. How wonderful and exciting to harvest these carrots from your own garden!

  17. that's impressive! This is as organic as it can get. Wish I have your green fingers! :p

  18. wow!!!you have so many thing growing in your garden... I like it! I will start mine next spring, it is not a right time for me to start anything right now!