Saturday, September 25, 2010

A White, Lacy Discovery & Lots Of Chilies Too!

Work has been so hectic lately and I'm mentally tired. All day long yesterday (Friday), I've been anxiously anticipating the weekend so that I could sleep in late. I was hoping that it would rain this morning. But it didn't! Darn!! Why does it always rain in the morning on weekdays?!! Anyway, strangely I woke up early this morning (at 8.30am!!) despite it being a Saturday. Not normal for me. Just could not fall back to sleep. After freshening up and dumping the laundry into the washing machine, I took a peep at my backyard from my kitchen. To my pleasant surprise, I suddenly noticed a pretty new bloom perking upright on a single long stem! A lovely, lovely white lacy cap-like flower. I immediately grabbed the key to my back door and dashed out. To my pleasant surprise, one of my carrot plants has flowered! I didn't even know that carrot plants produce flowers so you could imagine how delighted I was at this morning's discovery. This is my 1st time planting carrots.

A 2nd wonderful surprise was my bird's eye chili plant has suddenly grown so many chilies ! Just last weekend, there were no flowers nor chilies, so they all grew within the past 1 week. Today's find is such sweet reward after a busy work week. Well, I'll say no more and shall just leave you with some pictures that speak of my joy today, and tomorrow and for as long as they can grow and last :).

Carrot flower

Pretty, huh?!
In full bloom
Based on what I've gathered from the web, carrot plants are biennial, which means they can live up to 2 years and flowering only happens in the 2nd year. My plants are just 3-4 months old so I'm perplexed. Anyway, my carrot seeds are of F1 hybrid and while I can savor the beauty of the flowers, I can forget about using the seeds once the flowers dried up as seeds from F1 hybrid will not germinate.

This is another bud getting ready to bloom.
Bird's eye chilies

Have a restful weekend!


  1. I want some chillies!

    I wish you a flavourful weekend!

  2. The flower looks like the Queen Anne's Lace that we used to have gowing wild in Michigan where I grew up. We don't have them in Florida. I didn't know carrots blossomed like that! Very pretty. Your chillies are looking good, it's funny how they grow sticking up straight like that!

    I know what you mean about being so tired after the work week. I think the mental stress wears you out more than physical! It always rains here in the afternoons when the kids are dismissed from school, then by they time I leave school it's bright and sunny!

  3. Goodness me, your garden is such a success. I got some chili too, but not lush like yours :(

  4. At a glance I thought they were onion flowers. They look pretty much the same. This is the first time I came across carrot flowers. They are pretty :)

  5. Wow, this is so interesting! I didn't know that carrots flower...very enlightening for me. So envious of you :)

  6. You do have green fingers! I can hardly grow chillies, tried a couple of times, but so far basil, mint, pandan and kunyit are still surviving! Thought only carrots can survive in cool climate like Cameron Highlands.

  7. The carrot flowers are actuallly edible but does not taste much by itself...The chilli plant reminds me of the one Nan planted in the garden in our home, all pointy, upside-down, some red, some bright orange, some whitish and lots of green all ready and screaming to be picked!

  8. Wow, wow, wow, no other words needed!
    (why is my carrots growing at a snails's pace???)

  9. Wow, it's time to harvest. By the way, you have mugwort too?

  10. Wow, I didn't know carrots had such lacy flowers, how pretty! There is something just so satisfying seeing food growing out of your own garden.
    *kisses* HH

  11. hi All, thank you for your comments. i wld love to share garden produce with each of you if i could.

    p/s lyndsey, yes i read in some websites which says that the carrot flower is like Queen Anne's lace.

    p/s icookforfun, i have alays wondered abt growing onions. now that you've mentioned onion flowers, i am even more curious.

    p/s little inbox, what is mugwort?

  12. You must have green thumbs. I look with envy at your gorgeous carrot flowers (didn't ever occur to me to plant carrots). My cili padi and thyme are dying on me...sobs. The nurseries are making loads of money off my pathetic attempts at gardening.