Monday, April 25, 2011

Easy Pumpkin Rice

Cooking with pumpkin is something I've started doing just recently. I don't think I've eaten that many types of foods with pumpkin in it. Having said that, I must profess that I absolutely, absolutely love pumpkin cheesecake. I can't remember where exactly did I eat that awesomely delicious cheesecake, but I do know that my love for pumpkin was discovered at that time few years back. The first time I actually used pumpkin in my cooking was here (click to see). I've even tried growing pumpkin last year. I was brimming with joy when the 2 seeds I sowed sprouted. I successfully transplanted them to the ground and the result after 2 months or so was I had two vigorous plants with many male flowers. When the female flowers finally decided to make their diva appearance, all the male ones got tired of waiting and had wilted off . Thus, disappointingly I did not get any pumpkin at all. I would love to try growing pumpkin again, but my messy, weed-infested backyard is putting me off that idea. Anyway, for now, I'll just run to the supermarket when I feel like cooking it.

Here's a simple, easy-breezy pumpkin rice recipe cooked in an automatic rice cooker. It's another one of my quick meals and I like eating this with acar (pickles). Just for the record, I have 3 types of acar in my kitchen now - a bottle of Nyonya cucumber, carrot & green chilli acar (my dad bought), salted fish acar (my sister made) and Indian-style lemon acar (I bought). Oohhh la la!



1 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp dried shrimps (soak in hot water for 20 mins and chopped)
5-6 dried scallops (soak in hot water for 30 mins and peel to shreds)
5-6 dried shitake mushrooms (soak in hot water for 30 mins and sliced)
1 small bowl diced chicken meat (season with dash of pepper and oyster sauce)
3/4 cup rice (wash and drained)
300g pumpkin (cubed)

1. Heat 3 tbsp cooking oil and 1 tbsp sesame seed oil in a pan and saute the garlic, dried shrimps till brown and fragrant.
2. Add in the shredded dried scallops, mushrooms and chicken cubes. Saute for 8-10 minutes (add 2 tbsp water and cover with lid for a few minutes), then add in the pumpkin. Saute for an another 5 mins. Turn off the heat.
3. Transfer everything into a rice cooker. Then add in the washed rice and the right amount of tap water as you would normally cook rice. (Rule of thumb is 1 cup water to 1 cup rice but then again it also depends on the type of rice - certain rice require just slightly lesser or more water).

4. Add in soy sauce or salt, dash of pepper and about 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce. Stir to mix.

5. Press cook and it will be done automatically when cooked in a rice cooker.


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  1. Talk about pumpkin - it's growing vigorously in my garden. A few fruits have sprouted, just waiting for them to grow bigger! My helper threw some seeds into the enclosure and they are growing like wild!!! No one tho seems interested in eating pumpkin this or that!!

  2. Very Nice Creation you got!


  3. I was just thinking of cooking pumpkin fried rice tomorrow for the kids! I love pumpkins!
    Some of the cherry tomato fruits dropped because of the heavy rain on Saturday! :(

  4. I just ate dinner and your acar description and this pumpkin dish is making me hungry again. Sometime if you prune the punpkin a bit, male flower might appear again.

  5. I love this pumpkin rice too, but I have not try to add dried scallop.

  6. Hi Petite, How are you? Still very busy with your work?
    Your post comes at the right time..I just bought pumpkin yesterday and still sitting in my fridge.
    Have a wonderful day :)

  7. Wow, you're back, you've been away too long ;). At least you're back with a droolworthy recipe :D)!!

  8. I just fall in love with pumpkin rice... thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Petite, Waited so long for your updates! Hope you are enjoying your Easter and thanks for bringing up the pumpkin rice recipe. It looks amazing ! :)

  10. I too, hAve not eaten that much pumpkin and can't say that I truly like it. But I know it is nutritious!

  11. oohh i'd love to have a taste at it.

  12. Great recipe, the pumpkin must add a nice sweetness to a savoury dish.
    *kisses* HH

  13. Great to see you back with new post! This definitely look yummy and hope to see more posts from you soon!

  14. This looks wonderful! I love seeing all types of pumpkin recipes. My daughter really enjoys it.

  15. Hi Nyonya, thats really nice. Looks delicious. Can practically get the lovely scent here.
    Have fun. Best regards.

  16. looks delicious.....i want some!!!! hugs n kisses!!!

  17. FANTASTIC idea! Tasty, nutritious and doable for weekday meals. I need to follow :)

  18. Never had pumpkin rice before... Very unusual....I am surely going to make this for my pumpkin and keep looking for different ways to use it - other than just simply adding to curry or having it roasted with pasta..thanks for the suggestion!

  19. Hi, my first time here. Hopped over from The Tiny Skillet. I love pumpkins too and your pumpkin rice sounds delicious! Fall is almost upon us and there will be lots of pumpkins around. I will have to give this a try.

    I have never tried growing pumpkins and did not realize there are two kinds of flowers on the plant. I think I'll stick to buying it at the stores for now :)

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