Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mixed About Mixers! Cuisinart? KitchenAid? Kenwood? ...?

Cuisinart? or KitchenAid? or Kenwood? or ...?

It is every home baker's dream to own one of these sleek, gorgeous machines called stand mixers! I'm one of those dreamers right now.

While stand mixers are so great to have, I've read hundreds of mixed reviews about them, in particular the three brands above which I have shortlisted (as they are easily available in Singapore). My basic online research found many mixed reviews - good reviews amidst the bad ones, and just as well, bad reviews amidst the good ones. Honestly, I'm left more confused than ever. So, I decided to put up a post on this and seek reviews/comments from all of you, for the benefit of all home bakers like me who wish to learn more and make the best informed decision. Because lemme tell ya', these mixers are not cheap out here in Asia!

I would LOVE to hear from you if:
1) you or know of someone who own(s) a stand mixer of any model/series from the 3 brands above - Cuisinart, Kenwood and KitchenAid
2) you own any other brand of stand mixer (please state the brand) and are very happy with it
3) you too, have been dreaming of owning a stand mixer and have heard some comments/reviews from family or friends
4) you don't have a stand mixer and don't dream of owning one but would just like to say something

Would appreciate all comments/reviews especially on the durability and stability of the mixer (like its strength in slogging through heavy cookie/bread dough without having the whole machine struggle or shake). Hope you will participate as your comments will help shed some light for many of us who intend to own a stand mixer someday. Look forward to hearing from you!



  1. I use it from my parents-in-law together with Bosch ice cream maker, etc. etc.
    It's not the up-to-date one, but it's really Kitchenaid will still be Bosch, but I prefer one with stronger powder and with a built-in scale..that makes life easier...

    Thanks for stopping by my page today! :-)

    Angie's Recipes

  2. Hi there, so it's Sunday! What do you do? Well,I would love to own one of those too. The cheapest one of those machine cost about RM800. I'm now using the cheapest stand mixer which only cost me RM120 and it's last for years. I wish that someone can sponsor me one of those, ha ha!! I probably will jump up & down if there is a sponsor.

  3. This is my personal opinions. I have both the KitchenAid Artisan KSM 150 and also the Kenwood Chef. For me both works pretty much the same if you are making cakes expect Kenwood is pretty noisy and lighter. Kitchenaid is more heavy duty for working on bread dough and many colors for you to choose from :)

  4. Hiya Jos!

    I'll ask my sister (she's a baking & pastry chef) which one she uses.

  5. I have a Cobalt Blue Kitchen Aid mixer and I really love it. It was a gift from my husband's parents a few years back. Recently I have been using it a lot more. I would definitely recommend it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :0)

  6. Hi,
    I do not have a Kitchenaid but from what I researched so far
    the Kenwood Chef(KM10 S$928)is far superior in performance than Kitchenaid(KSM150 $899)if you compare in the same price bracket:

    1. KWood 1400W vs KAid 325W - what this means is that KW can slog harder and longer. When it comes to heavy duty bread kneading, I know someone told me their KA didn't survive thru'.
    2. KWood has an expandable functionality e.g. ice cream maker, food processing, pasta making...
    3. Capacity are quite similar (4.6L KW, 4.8L KAid)

    On the other hand, KAid has the fashion appeal (many colours to choose from... good if you have a designer kitchen) which KW lose hands down. KW design is down-to-earth (read : boring), with only silver colour (I was told it is titanium body).

    I am also in the process of shopping for one, hence your question came timely!

  7. BTW, I just read that ICook4Fun has a different opinion about KWood...

    I am not sure if we are refering to the same model. You may want to check with her.

    Hope I am not adding to your confusion.

    BTW, probably by next week I can "show off" my new toy!!!

  8. I taught cooking at high school for 11 years. I replaced all of the Sunbeam mixers with Cuisinarts. They are sturdy and last a long time but I don't like the way you have to add ingredients and lift the beaters up out of the bowl. It seems awkward to me.... so after years of using Cuisinarts at school I prefer to use my old Sunbeam at home.
    I used to have a Bosch and I loved it. It was a combination mixer and bread mixer. It was great. The only thing negative about it was it was big and took up a lot of room in my cabinet.

    When my Sunbeam "dies" I will probable get another one. I don't do a lot of heavy batters and so I don't need a really heavy duty mixer. I think any of the 3 you mentioned would serve you well. Also look into a Bosch.

    Good luck with your decision.

  9. hello there. hope you don't mind me throwing in my two cents worth. I did have dreams about owning a flash kitchenaid; but that has changed. Now I really appreciate my "old" kenwood. I think it was early 1970's model; as it is second hand I'm not too sure. Is it noisy? Yep. Really noisy. Is it reliable? Very. And the bowl is wide and not as deep as some of the newer mixers making it easier to push batter or mixture down with the spatula as it rotates.

    I have become rather environmental and simply cannot justify getting rid of it simply for the "newer" look. I do also have a kenwood hand mixer which is fabulous. I use it a lot, more than the stand mixer actually. Hope I havent confused you too much.

  10. Thank you all for your inputs! So very much appreciated :D

    1) "Angie's recipes", thanks for telling me abt Bosch. i didn't know Bosch carries stand mixers too. Bosch is a reliable brand so i will check if their stand mixers are being sold in Singapore.

    2) "My Little Space", sigh, if only i too can get a sponsor! i think the cheaper models here are already costing around SGD400-500 at least, if i'm not mistaken. i dare not purchase an unfamiliar cheaper brand as they may not last very long.

    3)"Arshi"!! having fun in the US right now? look fwd to your sister's input since she's a professionally trained chef, am sure she has used many types of mixers. lemme know when you're back in S'pore.

    4) "Grammy Staffy", thanks for your vote on Bosch too. don't think we have Sunbeam sold here. i'll check up on Bosch for sure. good to know that cuisinart is sturdy. i read a couple of good stuff about it, and less on the negative side.

    5)"ICook4Fun", "the ungourmet","Cookie" & "Through My Kitchen Window", thanks so much for your inputs. to be honest, i am torn between kitchenaid and kenwood. looks like the older models of KWood are noisier. hopefully the newer models are less noisy.

    >> "ICook4Fun", may i ask, which Kenwood Chef model are you using?

    >> "Cookie", do you think the KWood 1400W will be consuming too much electricity? yes, KA has many pretty colors but i also really like KWood's titanium finish. very sleek looking. glad to know that you are also looking to get one. KWood has promotion now at Taka and Tangs. all the best and hope you'll be able to let us know which one got after next week :)

    >> "Through My Kitchen Window", don't worry, you haven't confused me more. :)

  11. I have the old Kenwood Chef classic white (bought in 1997) for RM2,280.00.

  12. Hi, sorry I can't provide any advise as I dont own any of this brand. I having the ordinary mixer and it just work great.
    As for your question about bamboo tree, yes, I bought it from nursery,
    about 2-3 plants but forgot how long it took to grow, less than 6mths kua.
    Dont need to buy a lot, it will grow many baby bamboo tree later.

  13. Haha, interesting Q, and I'd to turn to my electrical engineering hubby for advise - The short answer is 1400W will surely consume more electricity than a lower wattage one, like a 4000CC porsche vs 1600 toyota car.

    But if you are doing heavy duty kneading/mixing, you end up having to run a 325W machine for a longer time than a 1400W machine so energy consumption may equate.

    Also 1400W is the max power, it does not reach the max is you are running it at low/med speed.

  14. I now have 5 Kitchenaide mixers...long story but I love each one of them! Kitchenaide comes out with different levels (motor power) of mixers so I have the 600 down to the Artisian. I use mine about everyday and have for the last 8 years. I think it comes down to hoping we get the right year and model because it seems each year the manufacturers get a little more skimpy on materials used...just an opinion. Which ever one you chose, you will "love" it! =D

  15. "ICook4Fun", wow..even back in '97 it was already THAT expensive? i guess coz Ringgit is always lower in value, thus things in M'sia are always so expensive.

    "Sonia", thanks for the bamboo plant answer.

    "Cookie", i guess what you said in yr 2nd para really makes sense. didn't think of it that way. thks!

    "Shandy", oh my goodness!! you have 5 KAs!! can't believe it. i'm so envious! it's really nice to know that you have 5 of KAs and are happy with them all.

    think i'll make my decision in the next few weeks. still need to go find out abt Bosch, which i will talk abt it here if i do find it.

  16. hey nyonya, my first choise is KitchenAid as they are quite well known here in US. My friend who loves baking is using KitchenAid too, no complain from her. :-)

  17. by the way, I have added you in my blog list. :-)

  18. Nyonya, Thank you so much for the congratulations on graduating are so sweet! Doesn't it feel just great? If your parents are anything like mine, then you know just how proud they are of us =).

    You know, the gentleman owner of the tea shop I went to said tea sets are harder to order because there are fewer businesses actually making them. What a sad thought and maybe this is why finding them and having them sent to your country is harder? If you ever decide you are interested, I could find out his email address to ask if he would sent out of the states? Just a thought =), Shandy

  19. Kentwood is a very popular brand here and has a lot of good comments! :)

  20. "giggle", thks for yr input abt KicthenAid. so difficult to make a decision..sigh :D. thanks so much for adding me in yr list.. really appreciate it. guess we'll explore the culinary journey together ya! :)

    "Shandy", my pleasure. will leave u a note abt the teacups on yr blog later.

    "Kathy", yes, KW is very popular here too, along with KAid.

  21. Hi! Just bum into your blog! This post is great as I've been thinking of what mixer to own in future. So have you made your decision? :P

  22. Hmm..talking about mixer,I own my first Kitchen Aid Artisan KSM 150 and love it! I get it at sale plus I show the dept store the price I printed online,so they can bet the price for me ,it's about $180 USD after rebate! retail price about $299- $350..

  23. hi *aimei*, i have not made my decision yet. can't find bosch stand mixer here, and i'll be going to check up on cuisinart tmrw. :D

    hi *beachlover*, you are lucky to be living in the US where kitchen appliances are SO much cheaper. i really like KA too but i read that it struggles when slogging thru' bread /cookie dough. do you experience this with yrs?

  24. Hi, I own Kitchen Aid Artisan Series Tangerine Color. I bought at 539euro and I got free Ice Cream Maker. I yet to use the Ice cream Maker but I love my Kitchen Aid. Unfortunately few weeks after I got my Kitchen Aid, I saw another color which is Candy Red and it is so beautiful. I love the color so much that I am looking if anyone is interested to buy mine.

  25. hi Kitchen Cookalong, happy to hear another good review of KA. I made up yet changed my mind so many times. I like the tangerine color too & was thking of that if I get KA. Put yrs on eBay for sale.

  26. I want to get a KA too. Been scouting around. Usual Price in singapore stores - S$799 - S$899! Finally I found a supplier for S$699

    Brand New With Warranty
    Choice of Colours
    Model KSM150 Artisan
    For Singapore only

    Interested Email me

  27. so which mixer did u end up with?
    i'm in search for 1, too.. and my dream mixer is a KA... :)

  28. angelia, i bought KA, tangerine color. i love it, it's been wonderful so far!

  29. ***** Special price for KA as mentioned in the post (20th Sept 2009) above is not available anymore. Thank you for your interests :) ****

  30. any idea where i can get my hands on a bosch mixer here in singapore? :) does best denki sell? or some other kitchen appliance store perhaps? (:

  31. Just wanted to add, that I have seen Hobart mixers (the N50) when I was learning how to bake at a bakery in PJ. It did an amazing job at whipping egg whites.

    Hobart makes equipment for the food service industry, and used to own the Kitchenaid brand. So older KA mixers were made by Hobart.

    I know Hobart has a office in Singapore and Thailand, but since it's industrial, it's EXPENSIVE.
    Even used N50s in the US (30 or 40 years old units) can be in the USD 800 range.

    As for the Bosch Universal mixer, I don't think it's available in SG, though according to the Bosch site I might try Courts to see whether they have it.

  32. I come acorss this post when I am doing reseach on stand mixer.

    For those who are interested in Bosch mixer, they are available in Mega Courts at Tampines and Tangs (saw at Vivo not sure if Orchard has it).

  33. Hi,

    What is your opinion of the Bosch versus the kitchen aid or kenwood?

  34. Hi hi,

    I'm looking into getting a mixer for myself. After reading, can someone tell me how is KM10 vs KSM 150? Which is more stable and less nosiy?
    Many thanks.

  35. Hi there, I'm so glad I found your blog. I've been asking this same question a lot lately as my parents are planning on getting me a new mixer. So which one did you chose and can you tell me why please ? Thanks <3

  36. Hi Kelly, I got KitchenAid and I did a post on it as well..I think just a few post after this one. Reasons are I read many good reviews re KA and plainly, I love the availability of colors I can choose from. All the best!

  37. Hi Nonya

    so which mixer did you buy in the end?

    1. hi anonymous, i bought kitchen aid in the end and have been happy with it so far.

  38. I have been mixing and baking for many years. here's my take on the subject.
    My first experience was with a Kenwood Major which I bought in Montreal in 1977. I used it for all kinds of pastry and dough requirements. I took it with me and used it with a transformer when I was variably assigned to Europe and South America. It was extremely well built with good bearings and great functionality. It never required a service during the next 28 years and I finally gave it to a good friend who still uses it.
    I replaced the Kenwood with a Cuisinart 7 quart, 1000 watt stand mixer which, except for a funky looking outside 'shell', seemed to be a direct copy of the design and functionality of the Kenwood Major in almost every detail. After a couple of years it got itself in a twist mixing heavy dough and I had to ditch it.
    I then purchased a 525 watt, 6 quart KitchenAid professional 6 stand mixer. I am still using it after two years and am relatively satisfied with it. Contrary to one of your previous responders, I do prefer the deeper bowl of the Kenwood and Cuisinart to the wide shallow bowl of the KitchenAids. The deeper bowls are more useful for varying quantities and are less prone to sending flour around the kitchen.
    I still would give my eye teeth for a new 7 quart 1500 watt Kenwood Major but can't justify the expense yet. However, I understand that at least the Kenwoods sold in North America are now made in China so the price has come down a little the quality of the mechanical parts as good as the mixers manufactured in the UK????

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